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An ultra-bright atom laser

An ultra-bright atom laser

V. Bolpasi, N.K. Efremidis, M.J. Morrissey, P. Condylis, D. Sahagun, M. Baker and W. von Klitzing 
New Journal of Physics 16 033036 2014 (link)
We present a novel, ultra-bright atom-laser and ultra-cold thermal atom beam. Using rf-radiation we strongly couple the magnetic hyperfine levels of 87Rb atoms in a trapped Bose-Einstein condensate. At low rf-frequencies the resulting trap opens up just below the condensate and a well collimated, extremely bright atom laser emerges from just below the condensate. As opposed to traditional atom lasers based on weak coupling, this technique allows us to outcouple atoms at an arbitrarily large rate. We demonstrate an increase in flux per atom in the BEC by a factor of sixteen compared to the brightest quasi-continuous atom laser. Furthermore, we produce by two orders of magnitude the coldest thermal atom beam to date (200 nK).
Supplementary Material:
- A grayscale version of Fig. 1. (link)
- The slices and fits used in the analysis of Fig.1c, i.e.the atom beam containing both a thermal beam and an atom laser beam. (link)
- A video of the numeric simulation of an atom laser. (link)

In the public press:
The article has selected the article as a New Journal of Physics Highlight of the year 2014.

Phys.org has published a nice semi-popular article about the paper. The New Scientist has also written a rather popularized article about our atom laser. 
Note that we have not been given access to any of these articles before publication and are not responsible for its rather imaginative content. 


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