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PhD Positions available

PhD Positions

We are always interested in yearing from bright students, who would like to join our team...

Our group is part of the Institute for Electronic Structure and Lasers (IESL-FORTH), which is the prime laboratory for research in experimental physics in Greece. As a European-funded laboratory it offers a uniquely international and interdisciplinary environment. Exchanges, e.g. through LaserLab Europe are strongly encouraged. The PhD will include a research stay at Nottingham University and an internship at a leading laser manufacturer. The candidate has the possibility to be integrated into the doctoral program of the University of Crete. Joint PhDs are welcome. Successful candidates will take part in training programs and are expected to collaborate with network partners through short term placements at industrial/academic partner institutions throughout the EU.

The candidate is expected to have an undergraduate degree in Physics or a related topic and be able to perform independent and creative research. Experience in cold atom physics or quantum optics is advantageous, but not essential. Applicants should send their CV (including a letter of motivation and the names of two or more referees) to phd@bec.gr. The position is available from August 1st, 2013 and applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

The salary is about 820€ per month net.

Applications from female researchers are strongly encouraged.

Does this sound a little too challenging? Don't worry, we will help you, and you will go to summer schools such as Les Houches and Innsbruck. In Spring 2014 we will also organise a summer school on matter-wave interferometry on Crete. Later, once you mastered your part of the project, you will even get the chance to present some of your work at conferences and/or work-shops.

We are open to people from different backgrounds. So, even if you do not have experience in the subject, you might still be a very welcome addition to the group! So, if you are interested... please contact us! We strongly encourage also female physicists to apply.

Please, feel also free to contact anyone in our team to get a feel, what it is like to work in the Cretan Matter-Waves Group or directly Wolf von Klitzing.

The main topics in question are matter wave interferometry and atoms lasers:

I) Matter-Wave Interferometry

Matter-wave interferometry is probably one the most interesting applications of Bose-Einstein Condensates. For the first time, we have a bright source of ultra-cold atoms at our hands. The missing link has been, so far, the ability to guide the atoms coherently over macroscopic distances. We believe that we have found a way to do so using our Time-Averaged Adiabatic Potentials, which will enable us to make perfect waveguides. Crucially, we can even make ring-shaped traps of variable radius. For more information, please look here or for a demonstration of what TAAPs can do here.

Further Reading:
"Time-Averaged Adiabatic Potentials: Versatile traps and waveguides for ultracold quantum gases"
Igor Lesanovsky and Wolf von Klitzing
Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 083001 (2007) (link)
(cond-mat/0612213 abs(v1), more recent version: pdf(v2))

See also the official announcement.

II) Atom lasers

The idea of producing a coherent atom laser has fascinated researchers snce the very beginning of the experimental work on Bose-Einstein Condensation in dilute gases of atoms. In this PhD project, you would study atom lasers (and other BEC related topics). We have recently discovered a novel type of output coupler for an atom laser, which produces at least ten times larger fluxes as well as the first ultra-cold thermal beams.

The aim is to study the spatial and temporal coherence of the output coupling mechanism itself. A novel technique - currently in development in the lab - will give us for the first time phase-control over the atom laser.

For more information contact Wolf von Klitzing.